Protecting snowmobile access in Idaho

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Warming Hut Announcements
Hudlow Warming Hut wood cutting event is Sunday November 13,2016 at the warming hut. Lunch will be provided. This is always a hard one to get nice dry wood at, so if you have some to bring up that always works good.

Speaking of lunch provided, you don't want to miss Mile's chili!  Nothing better than a chili dog after breaking a sweat working in the woods for a bit.

There are warming huts located in just about every county. North Idaho provides several of them throughout its counties. Warming huts provide shelter, warmth in the cold, and a place for a search and rescue central location.  We encourage you to locate the warming huts in your area.
Warming huts are not only when you are out in winter. They are available year round for all outdoor enthusiasts! But we ask that you respect the property and report any vandalism. The local area snowmobile clubs and sometimes the park departments incur all the costs of maintenance with limited resources. Without resources they could become obsolete and none of us want that outcome. Kootenai County has 3 warming huts, maintained by the CDA Snowmobile Club:

Magee                                 Located at the Magee Ranger Station
Hudlow Meadows          Located at Hudlow Meadows
Skitwish                             Located at the saddle of Skitwish Peak

Kootenai County Warming Huts

The Coeur d'Alene Snowmobile Club has 3 Special Use Permits with the Idaho Panhandle National Forests for Warming Huts at strategic recreation locations throughout the Forest. Hudlow warming hut is oriented on the west side of our groomed trails, Magee in the center, and Skitwish on the east side. The Club maintains these sites for recreational users, and we encourage responsible use for over the snow vehicles while enjoying our public lands.

Firewood and a place to get warm

The Coeur d'Alene Snowmobile Club, in cooperation with other volunteers annually cut firewood for the warming huts for our recreationalists to enjoy. As you can certainly appreciate, this is quite an effort to cut multiple cords of firewood for the warming huts. We're always looking for help, and certainly appreciate and encourage responsible use. The warming huts are an incredible resource for all of our users to enjoy in our public lands.