Protecting snowmobile access in Idaho

​Come to our General Meetings, first Tuesday of the month October thru March.  6 pm social, 7 pm meeting
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President:  Orin Moses    

Orin is in his second year as president of the Club.  We sure appreciate all of the work Orin has done for us.  Don't think that this is just an administrative role for Orin, you're more likely to find him out riding with the Club on any given weekend.  Orin can ride just about anything, enjoys trail riding with the club, and also has the skills to traverse the back country on his sled.  Orin has a true passion for the sport and we're fortunate to have him as a friend and a riding buddy!       

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Vice President: Brett Turner  

Brett pretty much grew up on snowmobiles we think.  He is a natural and loves the adventure of the backcountry.  Brett is hard to miss once you meet him, he towers above all of us with his height and definitely uses it to his advantage on his sled!  Brett rides just about any given opportunity and I have found, he is the first one to lend a helping hand if you were to get stuck somewhere!

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Secretary:  Laura Allard

Laura is a recreationalist at heart!  She not only is an avid snowmobiler, but an avid outdoors person.  Laura and her husband Gary (who also is on the board) love to ride the trails, and with their local knowledge of the area, are always on adventures with their snowmobiles.  She volunteers her time as our Secretary and does a great job with notes and documentation.  If you have ever taken notes at meetings, you know what a task this is.  Thank you Laura for your work!     

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Treasurer:  Bev Powers   

We are so lucky to have Bev as a part of our snowmobile club and an Officer!  She does a significant amount of volunteer work for the cause.  She has the organization skills to be our treasurer and has done it for years.  In addition to that, she is of course an avid snowmobiler!  She and her husband Steve Powers have been riding trails in Idaho for years, and probably have the best corporate knowledge of our local trails than anyone.  If you ever need help with directions or suggestions for a ride, the Powers should be the first to ask!  

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Lands:  Joe Wuest     

Joe serves as being in charge of Lands issues for the Club.  He has a true passion for keeping our public lands open for our recreational experiences.  He is involved with public comments for NEPA in the north Idaho area, keeps us informed of any litigation issues, and keeps a tab on access to our public lands.  He is also an excellent rider, spent years on a sled, and relatively recently shreds the backcountry on his snowbike!  Thank you Joe for all of your efforts!

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Webmaster:  Jason Dubes

Jason is the webmaster, and he uses that term loosely (sorry if there are broken links on the website).  He's alright. :o)

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Parties:  Robert Wuest

Robert is probably one of the nicest, funnest guys in the Club!  Robert keeps us smiling and we're very grateful that he helps us out with our parties!  We commonly have a fun Christmas party planned and an end of the season bash at a minimum.  It is a lot of work getting the venues set up and planning for the parties.  Robert is also a great mountain rider and loves adventure.  It is always a highlight to have Robert along for our rides!

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Rides:  Donna Adickes    

Donna is probably one of the first people you meet when you go out riding with the Club!  Donna is outgoing, thoughtful, caring, and rips on her sled!  She has been unanimously voted in to our Rides Director for multiple tours because she is soo good!  She and her husband Dale have a ton of knowledge and experience in the sport, and heck, are just plain fun to go riding with!

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pending bios:
Registrations:  Steve Powers         

Trails:  Dale Adickes                     

 Warming Huts:  Gary Allard            

Membership: Cheryl Barker

We're at PO Box 713 Hayden Idaho 83835.

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